Welcome to my Paintball & Fitness Training Blog

Welcome to my Paintball & Fitness Training Blog featured image

Welcome to my Paintball & Fitness Training Blog

It’s always been a bit of a task trying to tell my story, show some of my training and share everything I wanted to through social media.
There are just so many platforms and restrictions!
So, I finally decided it was time to break away and do the whole thing a little better!
So… GregSiewers.com is going to be the whole sha-bang! I will have some articles, photos, videos and blog posts to share everything going on. From how my whole paintball/fitness world came to life, to all of the adventures in between, you’ll be able to see it all here.
I will also be hosting a section for the paintball gear and other cool products I have the hook-up on. This way, you can always check-in for some of those one-off items you might need for your gear bag or get access to some of the training gear I am using in my routines.
Stay tuned for more and as always, thank you!

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